Little make over

I had a bit of a squabble with my son this morning. These things happen; nothing too serious. But he ended up being very upset and leaving for school in a bit of a state. I hate seeing him like this and didn’t want his day to start off so badly so decided – once I dropped in my girls – to go to his class, see if he was alright and give him a big ‘have a nice day hug’ (kisses are out sadly). As I peeked through the window I could see that he was still rather upset. Class hadn’t started yet and kids were walking in and out, parents were dropping kids off and the teacher was not quite ready to start his class. A mother asked me what was wrong with my son and I told her briefly what had happened. I quickly rushed passed kids, parents and teachers to reach my son. As he saw me approach he hung his head and was clearly not ready to be friends. As the adult here I walked over gave him a hug and told him to forget about our squabble and wished him a good day. For the record I was absolutely right and he wasn’t but as said…..I am the adult here so I am desperately trying to act like one…. As we said our goodbyes my son managed to point out that I shouldn’t be telling everyone the details of our fight – which I understood and hadn’t (with exception of the teacher and a mother who 1) I believed needed to know that nothing too serious was going on and 2) totally gets it and to be fair this was before his demand not to tell…. However the point to this trivial story is that when I left my son I found myself being cornered by 6 kids. They each gave me a look varying from total horror, abomination, outrage, disdain and anything in between. A few things became clear. It was okay to speak about the event – as long as he did it. But more importantly, it became clear that kids are able to demonstrate a true feeling of loyalty …wholeheartedly. At first I was taken back but then it made me smile. I smiled at the idea that kids – without knowing both sides to the story – could demonstrate such loyalty. Jumping to my son’s defense and standing up against an adult because they felt it was the right thing to do.
I suppose, thankfully, I wasn’t the only one who encouraged “to try to stay true to your beliefs and show loyalty to those you care about….”

Moving on a bit more lightheartedly, really do try to stay true to what you believe in. If everyone is saying go white but you feel dark is your colour then don’t go white. If design experts tell you not to mix and match styles then don’t listen and particularly don’t follow trends. Stay individualistic.

For today, no big transformations but thought I’d share with you a mini make over. I got these lovely brass tables and hadn’t figured out yet where to put or how to style them. Logical thing would have been to have them either side of a sofa, chair or bed.  I decided to use them to glam up a little alcove. The starting point were my brass tables but the colour and tone demanded a change of accessories too and… a bit of change never hurts. It spices things up and you can easily change back if you feel like it or if the season is right! I kept my Thonet leather chairs and the fur rugs. The blues and greens of the vases and bottles – although great with the wooden table, didn’t work with the brass. The amber lights and books, dressed the tables nicely (note tables aren’t exactly side by side). The brass palm Maison Jansen style lamp just fits perfectly on my 70’s mirrored cube and finishes the style off. Let me know what you think.

Brass tables:









January blues and dramatic interiors

It’s certainly been a while…

Where to begin.

I can’t really say it was life shattering or completely devastating and it definitely didn’t justify an absence from my blog for the length of time it did. But it did.

It was really heart warming to receive so many concerned messages as to why I hadn’t posted anything for a while… All I can say is that sometimes things just go ‘a wee bit wrong ‘ all at once and with 3 kids being sick (non-stop)  I ended up becoming a nurse and a patient myself for 6 weeks. I am not good at either of those. I will spare you the details but with some other challenges to manage, the bolts of the cart came off and normal life (whatever that may be!) got severely disrupted.

With the new year just here I want to focus on better and more inspirational times. Like most of us I think of booking a holiday to recover from the Christmas break and get over the January blues. I will do just that, however when I think of a break now I think of super hot which of course, requires flying. Immediately I have images of my worst nightmare experience of flying to a hot country with my kids. I recall one incident in particular where on our return from the break my youngest daughter just didn’t feel like being in the hot airport. I can’t blame her really, but she got so upset she ran off about 15 times with either my husband or myself running after her. Her final escape attempt ended with her screaming  and shouting at the top of her voice “Please mummy don’t hurt me, not again” and me breaking down into tears as I was convinced all the people who gave me disapproving looks were going to call Child Care Protection officials on me. It goes without saying (just in case you were wondering) that I hadn’t hurt my daughter but she had gotten so fed up with it all this was her way of punishing me. I am glad to say this was just an incident – then why do I think of this and not of the other great, pleasant moments? Am I – the glass is half empty- type? Perhaps, perhaps…
Anyway moving on to the new year; like many others I have some new years resolutions but honestly my goals are either too ridiculous to even attempt or so obvious that they are not worth mentioning for fear of being called boring. Hate me or love me but please don’t call me boring.

So this year will be packed with exciting new ventures such as home make over’s, new websites to launch, product designs to complete, webshops to take off etc etc. I plan to continue the blogging and hope to increase my audience.
Given the fact I need to ease back into this I shall take baby steps with the blog for today and not try to convey all of my ideas, plans, hopes and dreams…..On the topic of dreams I couldn’t pass this opportunity to mention one of my favourite lyrics of a true style icon, artist and of course, musician:

An occasional dream – David Bowie:

“I recall how we lived
On the corner of a bed
And we’d speak of a Swedish room
Of hessian and wood
And we’d talk with our eyes
Of the sweetness in our lives
And tomorrows of rich surprise
Some things we could do.”

How to move on from that…..I will try.
Due to my absence from the blog I couldn’t quite figure out what my design story would be for today and I realize I am not being very coherent. However, my main aim was to demonstrate I am back! So, given my resent ‘mini drama’ (as my daughter likes to refer to the recent hiccups) I decided to search for interiors which are given the title ‘drama’. Although in real life not always desired, I’m afraid I can’t totally do without and in interiors ‘drama’ works a treat. Have a look!


Dark and dramatic, splashes of gold. Bold colours. Lush textures in intense hues. Of the 7 pictures below 5 are moody and dark. The other elements used to emphasize the drama aspect are gold, pops of colour and subtle contrasts.

VT interiors

Clearly my love for dark, moody and glamorous hasn’t changed in the New Year. Move over white …..





Magpiehomes: Moody, pops of colour and vintage

Sometimes I have a clear idea…Sometimes I just surf the world wide web and find pictures that make my heart skip a beat. Often ‘the see how we get on’ approach has left me with the most beautiful feedback and the ones I really worked hard on have had the opposite effect.  Funny old thing…..writing.
Whilst staring into our garden, trying to come up with something to write, I noticed 2 magpies. I haven since seen them more often so think they might like it and are here to stay. Seeing the birds reminded me of the definition and the reason for me naming my business and blog “Mapgiehomes”.


*) a bird with black and white feathers and a long tail: Magpies are attracted to small, shiny objects, which they carry away to their nests

*) someone who likes to collect many different types of objects, or use many different styles

When I consistently noticed two Magpies (not just the one) in our garden I had to think very long and hard, whether this was a good or a bad thing. According to an old superstition, the number of magpies one sees determines if one will have bad luck or not. And I couldn’t remember which of the 2 it was. My Scottish aunt used to make me salute Magpies and in our mad world of superstition this made sense …..  Superstition was a normal thing growing up and now in our home it is too. Although if I am honest, I am the one ensuring we follow the rules of superstition. I make my husband and kids walk round ladders, I don’t allow them to put new shoes on the table,  I make my husband say “bread and butter” when we walk and a lamp post comes between us etc. I could go on….really. So I had to check whether the number of magpies would bring me good or bad luck. I surfed the fabulous web and found the following rhyme about magpies, which was first recorded around 1780 in a note in John Brand’s Observations on Popular Antiquities on Lincolnshire with the lyric:
One for sorrow,
Two for mirth,
Three for a wedding,
And four for death.
One of the earliest versions to extend this was published, with variations, in Michael Aislabie Denham’s Proverbs and Popular Saying of the Seasons (London, 1846)
Going by the rhyme, it seems like I am OK with our 2 magpies! Let’s hope they don’t make more friends and 2 become 4! If I want to be absolutely sure I should probably salute the magpie when I only see one of them. ‘Spying a single magpie is considered an omen of bad fortune and saluting it is a way of showing the proper respect in hope that the magpie won’t pass on some of the misfortune that follows it. As magpies usually mate for life seeing one on its own is a sign of sorrow because it’s lost it’s mate, whereas if you see two it’s is a sign of joy as it’s with it’s mate. “Good morning Mr. Magpie. How is your lady wife today?” is how to salute a single magpie. When you see a single magpie you ask after it’s wife, thus suggesting it has a mate and is in fact happy – hence the rhyme one for sorrow , two for joy!’*
It was important for me to establish whether any bad omen of fortune could potentially impact my blog or my business. We are alright!

Now that we spent some time on why the name Magpiehomes came about and what other relevant (or not so depending on your views on superstition) meanings it has, I wanted to truly go back to the basics. What does Magpiehomes really stand for? On several occasion I have tried to explain how to characterise my Magpiehomes style. All the other components such as glam, Hollywood regency, eclectic, design etc. still stand. However whilst browsing the net to find some great photographs I realized a trend about what kept drawing my attention. My ideal interior – as you know by now – has a moody and dark feel to it. But there are 2 other ingredients I realize I really need for it to work and they are: 1) pops of colour and 2) a good vintage piece. I think what helped was looking at some of Graham Atkins Hughes’ work. His photography is great and really provides that warm yet moody look I love. My Magpie ingredients are:

  1. Moody, slushy dark walls or panelling
  2. Pops of colour – but don’t go over the top – 1 or 2 items in a good colour such as Emerald green, Orange or Striking Pink
  3. A good vintage piece – a lamp or designer chair works a treat

First have a look at some other photographs and then take a look at one of my favourite photographers:

Below is a good start: Not dark and moody enough, but at least a dark colour on the walls, great pops of colour and lots of vintage!

Beautifully moody, deep dark panels and sofa. Not heavy on the pops of colour but plenty of vintage!

Below photographs are by Graham Atkins Hughes:

I think all below photographs speak for themselves: Dark, moody, great pops of colour and beautiful vintage…. –  photography: Graham Atkins Hughes – photography: Graham Atkins Hughes

photography: Graham Atkins Hughes

I could honestly live in any of these rooms, with or without superstition….


Beautiful things

Gullible is probably the best way to describe it. Easily persuaded to believe something. I like to think not. But am afraid I am. I believe people are intrinsically good. I don’t believe I am silly to the point that I trust everyone instantly but I do have a childish desire to want to believe things, which at face value probably don’t square up. Don’t get me wrong I am not stupid and have seen my fair share of injustice and cons yet this hasn’t stopped me from wanting to believe…..The first time I recall my then boyfriend had to point out that I was not likely to win 1 million euros, despite the leaflet stating I would (this was quite a while ago) I felt stupid and sad at the same time. Why not? It said so didn’t it? Just call this number and you will receive 1 million euros. Now, to my credit I have moved on from that. I still have a moment of excitement when I receive those leaflets unsolicited through the letterbox, but very quickly I realise this is a con and I will never get the money. Progress.
The other day I received some strange phonecall from a very long and foreign phone number offering to help with my computer. I realised ‘not good’ and told them to go find another sucker. I had sussed them out. Clever me. However, only yesterday someone wanted to connect with me on Linkedin offering to have a chat to me about some sort of financial product I was in need of. It made sense to me. I naively told my husband what had happened but he assured me this person would try and get money from me …. he was right of course. Did I relapse?
I am not some sort of total dummy but I think I still want to believe in little surprises, wonders and unexpected miracles. How ever unlikely they might seem. Like Christmas, I suppose.

Someone recently asked me whether I was afraid to show my vulnerability…..that person clearly must have missed most of my posts! It’s my party…. I write about design and my life – that’s it. You like or you dislike.

I will leave you with this pretty picture (thanks Ronnie!). Whilst it can’t be classified as ‘interior design’ (I am in a bit of a rush and today interior design will have to take a back seat) it fits my “beautiful things” list criteria!
A bit early for Christmas, I realize, but once you’ve seen below beautiful arty picture from you can’t ‘unsee’ it, it will stick. And you too will start to feel warm and tingly inside. Even Scrooge would! Slowly we can start to get into the spirit and start to believe in Santa again together with all the goodness Christmas brings! Right?

Have a great weekend!

Making an effort…

‘Why are you still wearing your pyjamas?’ My eldest daughter asked me with a cheeky grin as we walked towards school. I looked down at my clothes in horror as I really had no idea whether I was or wasn’t. I noticed I was wearing something which could potentially pass as pyjama attire. My daughter’s comment made me realize that over the past months the fine line between night wear and comfy home wear had started to become very hazy and unclear. It had become easy to grab whatever was nearest in an attempt to make the morning routine work without me having to get up even earlier. I think amongst my companion school mums it is clear that I am never the glamorous one, I make a semi effort and always think that my jacket will cover up whatever beautiful (or not so as is the case) attire is under there. I do try to slap on some mascara but that’s as far as it goes. The odd thing is that when I used to go in to work I had even less time but seemed to look smarter than I do now. Don’t get me wrong I still like to dress up, put on the heels, dress and spend more than 30 seconds on my make up – but only if there’s an occasion. Not for school that is…

I know my kids aren’t mentally scarred from this – in fact – they have got a perfectly relaxed ‘this is how we do things’ attitude about certain things in life. In the weekend – when we all try to relax and are rather lazy: I have no problem in running to the shop around the corner in my pyjamas (my real ones!) to pick up some milk and bread. The kids laugh and think it’s funny.

Having said that I did take note of what my daughter said, and I could also hear my mother say “it is important to make an effort”. I realized it is easy, probably too easy, to forget about making a little effort. About looking like you care. I don’t think that my nature will totally change but it became clear that I needed to step up a bit. Don’t ever get so comfortable with something or someone that you forget to make even the tiniest of effort… The clothes example is superficial and not that important but demonstrates the need to ensure it doesn’t become the metaphor for the more important things in life…..

So with ‘glamming up’ myself – every now and then – comes glamming up my interior.

If I had a total free pass to glam up and spice up my interior I would go for these 3 things and:

  1. Finally get that vintage Geoffrey Harcourt F588 chair and re-upholster it in emerald green or else get the F976 in brown leather
  2. Buy a vintage brass 50’s coffee table – Gio Ponti style would be nice.
  3. I would either get wood paneling on the full length of the living room and paint it moody grey-ish green or else I would have wall to wall custom made bookshelves – equally dark and slushy coloured.

My Geoffrey Harcourt dream!

Gio Ponti silver trays 1956 – great stylish room – on Dimorestudio table.

Beautiful vintage brass table – Jack Astier.

Wood panelling DIY made perfect!

Now for the more realistic short term achievables! Make your interior autumn proof by quick changes:

  1. Get yourself an autumn brass lamp – House doctor does great ones:
  2. Look for quirky (brass) accessories – I personally love the slightly unexpected ones such as animals and skulls but anything you like of course goes!
  3. Up the atmos by buying loads of candles. If you don’t want to spend – which given the upcoming season is understandable – then just fill your room with candles and tealights. Inexpensive but unbeatable for a cozy autumn room.

A little effort goes a long way!

All the right ingredients….

I was determined to have a great night out and … it was….However this wasn’t all due to the restaurant experience.

We started off badly as the babysitter was late (not her fault, traffic…) and as a result we couldn’t park where we had hoped and ended up walking a bit; being about 30 minutes late. The restaurant was very relaxed about everything and that helped. I had picked this restaurant because it was a guaranteed great food experience – Michelin star – but with a relaxed atmosphere. I love great food, good service, but am not often in the mood for the overly exaggerated “white clove”  service experience. This restaurant was known for good food, but the atmosphere was informal. I still needed to convince my husband it was going to be a good experience;  as we walked the rather long walk from car to restaurant he asked me the dreaded ‘fine dining’ question: ‘do you think we will still be hungry afterwards’? The fact that it wasn’t really a Michelin star restaurant as we know it – helped him get over his fear of being left hungry.

And now for the overall experience (and to cut a very long story short): the food was great but the service let a lot to be desired. It was an accumulation of things that went wrong or made me cringe (attitude, mistakes, long wait, and some really incompetent and frankly ridiculous moments). We did have a good night but only because we decided to laugh it all off. Sometimes things are so painfully wrong that even if you point out every single error (to prevent it from happening again) you are actually not going to save the night…And so we chuckled our way through the evening, laughing off the mistakes and uncomfortable moments. This is quite an achievement coming from me, believe me. I suppose if I wasn’t determined to have a good night, I probably would have pointed everything out. But you know that telling someone what they are doing wrong isn’t going to increase your own ‘enjoyment factor.’ Here’s my – rather obvious – point to the story; you can have all the right ingredients (in this case literally!!)  but if you miss out something that’s quite crucial to the experience you still don’t get the perfect result.

This is true in design too. You can have the perfect space, all the right design classics, and colours on walls, if you don’t have the crucial uplifting elements to tie everything together the room will stool look, bland, not exciting and boring.

To me the elements that need to accompany the key ingredients are:

  1. Lighting
  2. Cushions
  3. Fabrics


I could actually have this as my number 1, 2 and 3 it is that important. Lighting is so so very crucial to the atmosphere of a room. You need enough and you need soft tones. You need little pools of light scattered across the room. Never one big source of light and preferably lamp shades with soft color insides like gold and amber.


I can’t get enough of them! Please have look at one of my older posts:  ‘Quick mood enhancers’

Cushions provide that bit of elegance and drama (you can achieve all depending on which types of cushions you aim for)  but at the same time that comfy, squishy feel a room needs.


A room needs textures & patterns by means of curtains (lush velvet provides that bit of luxury) or throws, rugs and faux furs to create that cozy, ‘curl up on the sofa’ feel. Take a look below at the rug, furs and rather friendly hairy monster!

Feeling blue?

As soon as it’s clear that summer has truly left us, my family tries to skip Autumn and move straight into Christmas. I haven’t determined the exact trigger but it’s a fact: the Christmas feeling starts to emerge. I am also not quite sure whether it’s my husband’s idea or my son’s but it’s definitely a boys thing around here. Last Saturday I woke up to the sound of “Jingle Bells” being chanted overly excited. Only to come down and find everyone had drawn up their Christmas wishlist and my husband posing the question: “where shall we spend Christmas this year?” I guess I was lucky that nobody had gone up to the attic to find the Christmas lights and decorations and my husband wasn’t doing a pre-Christmas “dress rehearsel” stuffing a Turkey and marinading something or other….(my husband believes in marinading (a lot of) things). For now we have agreed that we will also work with Autumn and try to leave Christmas for at least another month! This will be hard but the reward will be an extra something at Christmas – my parenting skills haven’t improved yet, I fear.

Autumn is a very deserving season which shouldn’t be forgotten. And there is no escaping from it now…autumn is here to stay. Some get really down and wish for hotter and dryer days, others welcome the new season with the changing colours of the trees, the brisk walks, and the opportunity to spice up your room and move into autumn mode. I personally love to throw around the faux furs, light the fire and candles and curl up with a good glas of red. The colours I generally try to focus on are the ones resembling the outdoors, so amber, gold, orange, brown. I get out the tealights and even some pre Christmas trinkets; the ones that actually aren’t too festive, I may add – so no red and green but warm and soft colours. Just like the little assignment I did with my son: ” trying to create that autumn feeling”:


Whilst I love the season and welcome all the little things it brings I also appreciate that some people dread it. Some really have difficulty moving from hot to cold and wet. I also know that it can have a real impact on some people’s mood. It can affect their everyday life. I am not going to help or try to cure that but as I was browsing the web I found some pictures I really loved and I noticed a trend. The rooms I loved were blue. In particular the sofas were predominantly made from lush blue velvet and in some cases the walls were painted in a beautiful blue lacquer. The sofas are all very different in below pictures but all give that regal, lush and luxury feel. I also have a petrol blue velvet sofa in my living room and am now seriously considering doing something with a bit of lacquer on the walls. I just will need to convince some people here. In the mood? Or feeling blue? These beautiful blue rooms definitely put a smile on my face.

In or out? Trend or staple?

Love this controversy. In or out? In quite a lot of design magazines 2015 is the year ‘to get rid of your Chevron pattern’.

In case you didn’t know already: A chevron is a V-shaped pattern. The word is usually used in reference to a kind of fret in architecture or to a badge or insignia used in military or police uniforms to indicate rank or length of service, or in heraldry and the designs of flags.

I am not one to follow trends at the best of times…but even less so if I am told to abandon something I happen to be quite fond of. If you have the odd cushion maybe, but if you have a rug that cost you a bit is one then supposed to get rid of the thing altogether and bring it back a couple of decades from now? Don’t forget this era didn’t come up with the chevron pattern; this has been around for a long time and had it’s great moment in the 70’s but has been found in early art including designs on pottery and rock carvings. Examples can be found approximately 1800 BC in archaeological recovery of pottery designs from the palace of Knossos in Crete, Greece.

Although I am not into trends I am still keen to find out whether the chevron-thing is actually a passing trend or a design staple here to stay. I think the answer is probably both. You see it quite a lot, and everyone and their mother has used the pattern somewhere. Therefore it probably is a trend and for a large group it will pass. However it has been around for so long and will be here to stay for much longer if you ask me. If done carefully it is great. Remember Missoni, founded in 1953, they reached the apex of influence in the fashion world in the early seventies? Subsequently they launched their extremely successful interior design range which is still going strong.

Just be mindful to do things in moderation. If you like a particular song you will want to hear it a lot, if you hear it too often you will go off it. If you have finally found a dinner with vegetables your kids are happy to eat then don’t overdo it (like I did) as they will turn on it (and you!) and you will have to find something new to entice them to eat their greens.

I read in one particular article that apart from abolishing chevron, you should get rid of faux fur as well as ‘non personal’ interiors – so tell me when have the later ever been hip and happening? I am not trying to be difficult here but …really? I believe the pattern has this vintage look and feel and can create a sense of depth and drama. I am of the opinion it has to be done carefully and if you are really trying to create a vintage feel then go for the real deal – that is real vintage furniture and upholstery and don’t rely on a pattern to do that for you. But if you like it, keep it or get it. I don’t follow trends when it comes to design. I have told you before: break the design rules.

For now, I won’t be parting with my chevron dining room rug.

Have a look and make up your own mind about chevron: I love the pattern and believe it works particularly well in rugs. Cushions are good too and – as mentioned before – a lot easier to change around if you believe chevron isn’t here to stay!

WP_20150518_001     WP_20150521_002


I have always felt that honesty was the best policy. I therefore try to raise my kids with the idea it is better to come clean and own up if you are in trouble than pretend nothing happened. This has worked and I have always been proud of how my kids took to this honesty principle. The reward for them being honest was (and is) no punishment – but of course all within reasonable boundaries (no new age parenting for me!) Now that they are getting bigger (they are still young though) social awareness and what’s socially acceptable comes into play. Thankfully I am no longer constantly put into embarrassing positions because of my kids’ brutally honest & loudly expressed observations such as ” what is wrong with that man’s face?” or  ” that woman’s nose looks like a strawberry”. I don’t think for a minute these embarrassing moments were due to my honesty policy but that this was all to do with the inherent characteristics of being “a child”. I am sure, to many, very recognizable.  The honesty principle however, is still standing strong in my house, but fortunately now with a little shield of social awareness. Since I was the initiator of the honesty principle I am also the main receiver of pure ‘honesty’ or in other words ‘naked truth’. This is great when honesty suits the educational parenting moment but not so great if it is merely unsolicited feedback. ” Mummy that lipstick makes you look weird”. ” In those trousers you look like you are going to work in the circus.” I can only hope that – as a victim of my own success – at some point things will balance out and honesty will truly serve it’s purpose…

This is why I love to blog. I can be truthful and honest. I can say what I like about interiors and as I am not getting personal (other than about myself and my family) I am (hopefully) not offending anybody.

I love

  • Eclectic – mixing and matching (design classics with vintage, art deco, antiques & contemporary)
  • Glamour and Hollywood Regency – gold, and pops of colour, palm designs, & pineapples
  • Dark and moody colour schemes

I hate

  • White on white interiors
  • Over-designed interiors
  • Interiors without personality

Besides my love of palms, see my previous post, I have a love of pineapples. To me they stand for a bit of Hollywood Regency, glam and fun. I like them as lamp bases, as ice cube holders on drinks trolley and just as decorative pieces. Think I have lost it? Take a look.


IMG_0016         IMG_0009(1)




A leafy affair

I believe you shouldn’t settle for mediocrity. In design and more importantly in life. You get one life. So make the most of it. Always easier said than done…I realize. If you aren’t getting from life what you had hoped for there are always dreams.


* A series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep
*A state of mind in which someone is or seems to be unaware of their immediate surroundings

*A cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal
* An unrealistic or self-deluding fantasy

A cherished aspiration, ambition or ideal is the appropriate definition here. Please hang on to your dream and try to achieve your ambition or ideal. Sometimes this will require you to turn a different corner, to go against the grain and stray from the path you had planned to take.

Your dreams probably will change as you grow older, yet some may never.
I like to think that my son’s dream of living in a chocolate Transylvanian castle and my youngest daughter’s one of having a hairy dog will both pass….
The first will simply pass – or else I need to see someone about my son. The second dream is a lot more achievable, I realize but please not now! Apparently it is a lot more difficult  – and a logistical nightmare –  to manage a dog. And hairy? I think we have enough tasks to get us through the day for now.

My own long term dream is personal.
But my little day dreams I am happy to share. My current day dream and flavour of the month – or actually year – has been to have a room or at least a wall covered in a leafy palm tree design. I have had my eye on the Cole & Son green with dark blue background (Cole & Son Palm Jungle 95 -1003) for over a year now and it’s not passing.  I have also been eyeing up the gold palm leaves for a different room and can’t decide (Cole & Son Palm Leaves 66-2014). So perhaps it’s clear that at least one of the palm leave designs is here to stay. Better get used to it.

 Palm leaves on wallpaper – I love.

It oozes that Hollywood Regency, glamour I adore.

Below main wallpaper companies are:
Hinson & company
Cole & Son

Banana Leaf Wallpaper

Palm Leaf Wallpaper
Wallpaper: Hinson’s Martinique in Green photography: Elle Decor

Palm Wallpaper
Photography: Sarah Sarna

Palm Leaf Wallpaper

Wallpaper Cole & Son  Photography via

Palm Leaf Wallpaper

Wallpaper: Cole & Son photography: via
Above wallpaper is one of my options I want to give a go!

Palm Leaf Wallpaper
Wallpaper: Cole & Son Photograpy:
My other option above!


This room is – to me – near perfect.