My design book top 3

I can’t remember the last time I finished reading a book, or even got half way or better still just picked one up to start reading ! I have, god knows how many, excuses such as: kids, work, house stuff, school, just plain busy, but in reality I just haven’t allowed myself to do it. If I can find the time – albeit rather late these days – to watch some junk on telly (and I mean total rubbish, no- brainer -stuff, doesn’t -require- you- to think, concentrate -or- even- understand- what’s -going- on – rubbish) then I can find time to read a book. Especially when I am encouraging my kids to read, leave the i-pad and telly and just read; every day for an half hour then shouldn’t I set a good example? Practice what you preach and all that stuff….surely?

So I am not there yet and am not likely to start ‘Ulysses’ by James Joyce or  ‘In search of last time’ by Marcel Proust any time soon. However, I have made my more achievable summer book list and am determined to read at least 1 during the holiday and hopefully more during the whole summer.
When it comes to design books- which really can’t be classified as reading material more as “easy to flick through photo scanning material”, I also have my top 3 of current favorites. Great for quick inspiration or else to use as props to create little still lives in your interior. So thought I’d share my current top 3 interior design books.

Top 3 interior design books:

  1. Creative living London – Emily Wheeler, photography: Ingrid Rasmussen
    For dark interiors, bohemian and very moody. I love this look.
  2. Designers at home – Ronda Rice Carman
    For looking at how other designers have decorated their homes. Great for inspiration and brings out a real Peeping Tom in us (well me at least..).
  3. Modern Glamour, the Art of unexpected style – Kelly Wearstler
    For inspiration from the undisputed style Queen of Glam




My books used as props – quite effective!

Just a final word: The last post I started off by admitting I have so much to learn in the parenting department and how I would love to get that all important bible of parenting (yet to be written I suppose) but today I want to share with you a little conversation I overheard. My 3 kids were having a bit of a debate about things important in life such as dolls, I-pad, food, ice-lollies etc. When they ended their heated debate they had reached the following conclusion; my 2 youngest felt that if they really needed everything they had just discussed then ‘money’ was the key to happiness. Important to stress that my daughters aren’t materialistic at all – when asked what they want for their birthdays I get answers such as: “stickers” and “post-its please”. However my son – overruled their conclusion firmly stating the most important thing isn’t ‘money ‘it is ‘the love and support of your family’.
Gasp. Must be doing something right!

My new love…

Oh please someone get me ‘THE parenting guidelines’ book … please. I am in desperate need. I knew that my skills were always borderline acceptable but now I am seriously doubting myself. I will truly spare you the details ( I know I always say this and always digress into these details) but it is something along the lines of when should you give your son some money to go to the shop alone (in the realization that he is not going to come back with a bag of apples and some all -bran super healthy breakfast bars) and what to do when the friends who went along decided to cause quite some trouble in the shop. Kicking myself that I let him go…I just crumbled under the peer pressure…
Anyway, enough already. I have been working on the website and have therefore not been around again. The problem is that when I post a blog I usually like to take some time to do this (I know it may not seem that way). I love to write the posts but they are too time consuming whilst I am trying to work on my business. However I must also confess that I have been unfaithful and found another love….it’s called ‘Instagram’. I can’t believe it took me so long to discover and it is just so ‘instant’! At this point it is very easy for me to provide some direct insight into my projects or home with only some quick snaps, without having to write something along with them.  And the response has been good. I am not going to abandon this ship and will continue to post but if you want to see some of the pictures please go to my Magpiehomes Instagram account.

For now, here are some of the recent pictures I posted on Instagram.

Have a great weekend!