January blues and dramatic interiors

It’s certainly been a while…

Where to begin.

I can’t really say it was life shattering or completely devastating and it definitely didn’t justify an absence from my blog for the length of time it did. But it did.

It was really heart warming to receive so many concerned messages as to why I hadn’t posted anything for a while… All I can say is that sometimes things just go ‘a wee bit wrong ‘ all at once and with 3 kids being sick (non-stop)  I ended up becoming a nurse and a patient myself for 6 weeks. I am not good at either of those. I will spare you the details but with some other challenges to manage, the bolts of the cart came off and normal life (whatever that may be!) got severely disrupted.

With the new year just here I want to focus on better and more inspirational times. Like most of us I think of booking a holiday to recover from the Christmas break and get over the January blues. I will do just that, however when I think of a break now I think of super hot which of course, requires flying. Immediately I have images of my worst nightmare experience of flying to a hot country with my kids. I recall one incident in particular where on our return from the break my youngest daughter just didn’t feel like being in the hot airport. I can’t blame her really, but she got so upset she ran off about 15 times with either my husband or myself running after her. Her final escape attempt ended with her screaming  and shouting at the top of her voice “Please mummy don’t hurt me, not again” and me breaking down into tears as I was convinced all the people who gave me disapproving looks were going to call Child Care Protection officials on me. It goes without saying (just in case you were wondering) that I hadn’t hurt my daughter but she had gotten so fed up with it all this was her way of punishing me. I am glad to say this was just an incident – then why do I think of this and not of the other great, pleasant moments? Am I – the glass is half empty- type? Perhaps, perhaps…
Anyway moving on to the new year; like many others I have some new years resolutions but honestly my goals are either too ridiculous to even attempt or so obvious that they are not worth mentioning for fear of being called boring. Hate me or love me but please don’t call me boring.

So this year will be packed with exciting new ventures such as home make over’s, new websites to launch, product designs to complete, webshops to take off etc etc. I plan to continue the blogging and hope to increase my audience.
Given the fact I need to ease back into this I shall take baby steps with the blog for today and not try to convey all of my ideas, plans, hopes and dreams…..On the topic of dreams I couldn’t pass this opportunity to mention one of my favourite lyrics of a true style icon, artist and of course, musician:

An occasional dream – David Bowie:

“I recall how we lived
On the corner of a bed
And we’d speak of a Swedish room
Of hessian and wood
And we’d talk with our eyes
Of the sweetness in our lives
And tomorrows of rich surprise
Some things we could do.”

How to move on from that…..I will try.
Due to my absence from the blog I couldn’t quite figure out what my design story would be for today and I realize I am not being very coherent. However, my main aim was to demonstrate I am back! So, given my resent ‘mini drama’ (as my daughter likes to refer to the recent hiccups) I decided to search for interiors which are given the title ‘drama’. Although in real life not always desired, I’m afraid I can’t totally do without and in interiors ‘drama’ works a treat. Have a look!


Dark and dramatic, splashes of gold. Bold colours. Lush textures in intense hues. Of the 7 pictures below 5 are moody and dark. The other elements used to emphasize the drama aspect are gold, pops of colour and subtle contrasts.



VT interiors





Clearly my love for dark, moody and glamorous hasn’t changed in the New Year. Move over white …..






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