Beautiful things

Gullible is probably the best way to describe it. Easily persuaded to believe something. I like to think not. But am afraid I am. I believe people are intrinsically good. I don’t believe I am silly to the point that I trust everyone instantly but I do have a childish desire to want to believe things, which at face value probably don’t square up. Don’t get me wrong I am not stupid and have seen my fair share of injustice and cons yet this hasn’t stopped me from wanting to believe…..The first time I recall my then boyfriend had to point out that I was not likely to win 1 million euros, despite the leaflet stating I would (this was quite a while ago) I felt stupid and sad at the same time. Why not? It said so didn’t it? Just call this number and you will receive 1 million euros. Now, to my credit I have moved on from that. I still have a moment of excitement when I receive those leaflets unsolicited through the letterbox, but very quickly I realise this is a con and I will never get the money. Progress.
The other day I received some strange phonecall from a very long and foreign phone number offering to help with my computer. I realised ‘not good’ and told them to go find another sucker. I had sussed them out. Clever me. However, only yesterday someone wanted to connect with me on Linkedin offering to have a chat to me about some sort of financial product I was in need of. It made sense to me. I naively told my husband what had happened but he assured me this person would try and get money from me …. he was right of course. Did I relapse?
I am not some sort of total dummy but I think I still want to believe in little surprises, wonders and unexpected miracles. How ever unlikely they might seem. Like Christmas, I suppose.

Someone recently asked me whether I was afraid to show my vulnerability…..that person clearly must have missed most of my posts! It’s my party…. I write about design and my life – that’s it. You like or you dislike.

I will leave you with this pretty picture (thanks Ronnie!). Whilst it can’t be classified as ‘interior design’ (I am in a bit of a rush and today interior design will have to take a back seat) it fits my “beautiful things” list criteria!
A bit early for Christmas, I realize, but once you’ve seen below beautiful arty picture from you can’t ‘unsee’ it, it will stick. And you too will start to feel warm and tingly inside. Even Scrooge would! Slowly we can start to get into the spirit and start to believe in Santa again together with all the goodness Christmas brings! Right?

Have a great weekend!


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