Making an effort…

‘Why are you still wearing your pyjamas?’ My eldest daughter asked me with a cheeky grin as we walked towards school. I looked down at my clothes in horror as I really had no idea whether I was or wasn’t. I noticed I was wearing something which could potentially pass as pyjama attire. My daughter’s comment made me realize that over the past months the fine line between night wear and comfy home wear had started to become very hazy and unclear. It had become easy to grab whatever was nearest in an attempt to make the morning routine work without me having to get up even earlier. I think amongst my companion school mums it is clear that I am never the glamorous one, I make a semi effort and always think that my jacket will cover up whatever beautiful (or not so as is the case) attire is under there. I do try to slap on some mascara but that’s as far as it goes. The odd thing is that when I used to go in to work I had even less time but seemed to look smarter than I do now. Don’t get me wrong I still like to dress up, put on the heels, dress and spend more than 30 seconds on my make up – but only if there’s an occasion. Not for school that is…

I know my kids aren’t mentally scarred from this – in fact – they have got a perfectly relaxed ‘this is how we do things’ attitude about certain things in life. In the weekend – when we all try to relax and are rather lazy: I have no problem in running to the shop around the corner in my pyjamas (my real ones!) to pick up some milk and bread. The kids laugh and think it’s funny.

Having said that I did take note of what my daughter said, and I could also hear my mother say “it is important to make an effort”. I realized it is easy, probably too easy, to forget about making a little effort. About looking like you care. I don’t think that my nature will totally change but it became clear that I needed to step up a bit. Don’t ever get so comfortable with something or someone that you forget to make even the tiniest of effort… The clothes example is superficial and not that important but demonstrates the need to ensure it doesn’t become the metaphor for the more important things in life…..

So with ‘glamming up’ myself – every now and then – comes glamming up my interior.

If I had a total free pass to glam up and spice up my interior I would go for these 3 things and:

  1. Finally get that vintage Geoffrey Harcourt F588 chair and re-upholster it in emerald green or else get the F976 in brown leather
  2. Buy a vintage brass 50’s coffee table – Gio Ponti style would be nice.
  3. I would either get wood paneling on the full length of the living room and paint it moody grey-ish green or else I would have wall to wall custom made bookshelves – equally dark and slushy coloured.

My Geoffrey Harcourt dream!

Gio Ponti silver trays 1956 – great stylish room – on Dimorestudio table.

Beautiful vintage brass table – Jack Astier.

Wood panelling DIY made perfect!

Now for the more realistic short term achievables! Make your interior autumn proof by quick changes:

  1. Get yourself an autumn brass lamp – House doctor does great ones:
  2. Look for quirky (brass) accessories – I personally love the slightly unexpected ones such as animals and skulls but anything you like of course goes!
  3. Up the atmos by buying loads of candles. If you don’t want to spend – which given the upcoming season is understandable – then just fill your room with candles and tealights. Inexpensive but unbeatable for a cozy autumn room.

A little effort goes a long way!


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