Feeling blue?

As soon as it’s clear that summer has truly left us, my family tries to skip Autumn and move straight into Christmas. I haven’t determined the exact trigger but it’s a fact: the Christmas feeling starts to emerge. I am also not quite sure whether it’s my husband’s idea or my son’s but it’s definitely a boys thing around here. Last Saturday I woke up to the sound of “Jingle Bells” being chanted overly excited. Only to come down and find everyone had drawn up their Christmas wishlist and my husband posing the question: “where shall we spend Christmas this year?” I guess I was lucky that nobody had gone up to the attic to find the Christmas lights and decorations and my husband wasn’t doing a pre-Christmas “dress rehearsel” stuffing a Turkey and marinading something or other….(my husband believes in marinading (a lot of) things). For now we have agreed that we will also work with Autumn and try to leave Christmas for at least another month! This will be hard but the reward will be an extra something at Christmas – my parenting skills haven’t improved yet, I fear.

Autumn is a very deserving season which shouldn’t be forgotten. And there is no escaping from it now…autumn is here to stay. Some get really down and wish for hotter and dryer days, others welcome the new season with the changing colours of the trees, the brisk walks, and the opportunity to spice up your room and move into autumn mode. I personally love to throw around the faux furs, light the fire and candles and curl up with a good glas of red. The colours I generally try to focus on are the ones resembling the outdoors, so amber, gold, orange, brown. I get out the tealights and even some pre Christmas trinkets; the ones that actually aren’t too festive, I may add – so no red and green but warm and soft colours. Just like the little assignment I did with my son: ” trying to create that autumn feeling”:


Whilst I love the season and welcome all the little things it brings I also appreciate that some people dread it. Some really have difficulty moving from hot to cold and wet. I also know that it can have a real impact on some people’s mood. It can affect their everyday life. I am not going to help or try to cure that but as I was browsing the web I found some pictures I really loved and I noticed a trend. The rooms I loved were blue. In particular the sofas were predominantly made from lush blue velvet and in some cases the walls were painted in a beautiful blue lacquer. The sofas are all very different in below pictures but all give that regal, lush and luxury feel. I also have a petrol blue velvet sofa in my living room and am now seriously considering doing something with a bit of lacquer on the walls. I just will need to convince some people here. In the mood? Or feeling blue? These beautiful blue rooms definitely put a smile on my face.







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