I have always felt that honesty was the best policy. I therefore try to raise my kids with the idea it is better to come clean and own up if you are in trouble than pretend nothing happened. This has worked and I have always been proud of how my kids took to this honesty principle. The reward for them being honest was (and is) no punishment – but of course all within reasonable boundaries (no new age parenting for me!) Now that they are getting bigger (they are still young though) social awareness and what’s socially acceptable comes into play. Thankfully I am no longer constantly put into embarrassing positions because of my kids’ brutally honest & loudly expressed observations such as ” what is wrong with that man’s face?” or  ” that woman’s nose looks like a strawberry”. I don’t think for a minute these embarrassing moments were due to my honesty policy but that this was all to do with the inherent characteristics of being “a child”. I am sure, to many, very recognizable.  The honesty principle however, is still standing strong in my house, but fortunately now with a little shield of social awareness. Since I was the initiator of the honesty principle I am also the main receiver of pure ‘honesty’ or in other words ‘naked truth’. This is great when honesty suits the educational parenting moment but not so great if it is merely unsolicited feedback. ” Mummy that lipstick makes you look weird”. ” In those trousers you look like you are going to work in the circus.” I can only hope that – as a victim of my own success – at some point things will balance out and honesty will truly serve it’s purpose…

This is why I love to blog. I can be truthful and honest. I can say what I like about interiors and as I am not getting personal (other than about myself and my family) I am (hopefully) not offending anybody.

I love

  • Eclectic – mixing and matching (design classics with vintage, art deco, antiques & contemporary)
  • Glamour and Hollywood Regency – gold, and pops of colour, palm designs, & pineapples
  • Dark and moody colour schemes

I hate

  • White on white interiors
  • Over-designed interiors
  • Interiors without personality

Besides my love of palms, see my previous post, I have a love of pineapples. To me they stand for a bit of Hollywood Regency, glam and fun. I like them as lamp bases, as ice cube holders on drinks trolley and just as decorative pieces. Think I have lost it? Take a look.


IMG_0016         IMG_0009(1)





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