Design inspiration – my top 5

You know your weekends will be taken over by your kids’ activities at some point… And whilst I was prepared, sort of, it still took me by surprise that all we did was ferry the kids around with little time to ourselves. In between ballet (x2), swimming lessons (x2) and grocery shopping my son also reminded me that I was an OK mum yet not perfect… His sports shoes no longer fit him, yet he had not bothered to let me know. It was my job to discover this! To add to my embarrassment his teacher also gently reminded me that ‘boys grow all the time’ and my little boy was no longer able to ‘squeeze his feet into his sports shoes’ (which were not 1 but 2 sizes too small). Am I really the only mum that gets these things wrong or am I not alone?

So my weekend started on “little Friday” as my husband lovingly calls my excuse to have a drink a day before the weekend has actually started (that is on Thursday!). The weather was glum, kids very testing, my head cold hadn’t disappeared yet so a little bit earlier than usual I found myself gasping for a glass and confirmed triumphantly my ‘ wine o’clock – hour’ had arrived. With a glass of red in hand my mood started to lift and the issues of the day started to fade into the background.

I am aware to be aware….. but particularly with the weather being as poorly as it has been; I find myself throwing the faux furs around, lighting candles and fireplaces – and I strongly feel a glass just fits the picture…. I actually don’t have an issue with the weather now changing from summer to autumn. We have had to get used to bad weather on and off over the past few weeks now, so let’s just agree to be done with the summer and move on to autumn. Let’s go for long walks on the beach, and through dunes and come home to hot chocolate or something a wee bit stronger. Let’s curl up on sofa’s with blankets and throws and start reading again….

No surprise that I love to read design books and magazines, but also other design blogs and websites provide useful and exciting information. I read the various blogs and sites for different reasons, some have truly influenced me others are useful go-to places for tips or ideas. I thought I’d share with you my top 5 list of favourite interior design blogs and sites for the moment…. I have more but let’s start here:

Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern has been very influential in my designs. With great feeling for colour & textures she creates fabulous masculine and moody interiors. If you weren’t convinced by my love for DARK colours perhaps she will be do just that for you! Whilst my love for ‘the dark side of life’ has been around long before I discovered Abigail Ahern some of her design ideas are quirky and new and inspiring and always very close to my own design philosophy. This is why I haven’t read her blog for a while only because I don’t want her ideas to find their way – unconsciously  – into my world of ideas whilst I am getting into this blogging adventure! But I know this will not last…Her love of dark, textures, moody interiors coupled with her philosophy that ‘money can’t buy you style ‘ makes her to be the only one designer I would happily let loose in one of my rooms. That is saying something coming from me! I am – as stated before – a huge fan of Kelly Wearstler, Jonathan Adler and Jean Louis Deniot but Abigail Ahern just knows how to make a room interesting and exciting yet  truly homely and cozy at the same time!


Apartment Therapy
Apartment Therapy is a lifestyle and interior design community sharing design lessons, DIY how-tos, shopping guides and expert advice for creating a happy, beautiful home.
A wealth of design information and inspiration. Great for tips and top 10 lists – I love lists.

Savvy Home
Savvy Home Blog, founded by Gabrielle Savoie, is an online decor destination providing inspiration, shopping and decor services to other avid decorators. Great house tours and information on where to purchase featured items. Lovely photographs, great sales and personal writing.

Peak of Chic
A blog by Jennifer Boles mainly oriented towards grand homes, antiques and stately homes. Her passion and eye for detail make it a pleasure to read and her blog captures all you need to know about chic interiors. A true treasure trove of inspiration for all things of the past.

The Interiorator
Created by a Dutch stylist, Patrick Kooiman, with a very international view of design. He likes to throw in the glam and extraordinary and is a world of inspiration where it comes to all things pretty…..

Jan des Bouvrie at Salon Residence

Enjoy the read!


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