Be controversial, if that’s what you happen to be…

Who cares what other people think? If only …..

The other day I found myself in the supermarket making excuses to the woman behind me at the check out, who happened to be one of the school mums, for some of the stuff I was about to purchase. Who really cares – did she? I felt my shopping load had a bit of a high sugar and fat content and thus felt obliged to make up some excuse that we had some sort of kids party coming up the weekend, so that she would realise that this content wasn’t part of my usual weekly shopping. The minute I said it, I regretted it. Fact is we didn’t have a kids party, the actual level of badness wasn’t that bad (I have seen a lot worse) and I am not that kind of person who lies or even supports the principle of keeping up appearances. I am honest and proud and most of all think I don’t care too much about what others think. Here was the proof I am none of the above.

And do I care about other people’s shopping trolleys? I don’t. Do I look in them? Yes probably. But mainly out of curiosity, what will they be having for dinner and have they got some things in their trolley I might have forgotten? I don’t think much about it and definitely don’t judge people on the content of their trolley. So why expect that I will be judged? It’s beyond me. It’s that bit of “prim and properness” I always tried to fight and now I find myself being part of that controlling petty minded society! Note to oneself: “try not to bother about what others think!!”

When it comes to design I am happily controversial, non standard and most of all don’t care what outsiders think of my design! Thankfully I haven’t lost every bit of my rebel streak yet!

  • I went dark – when everyone was telling me: please don’t do it
  • I got myself some beautiful taxidermy objects…..when I realize for some this is controversial (As long as all is done in accordance to the highest taxidermy standards then all that remains is a matter of taste…I believe anyway)
  • I added the glam and bling when most were looking for more humble and restrained interiors

Dark and moody…..

IMG_0074   IMG_0037   IMG_0028

A taxidermy feast….

 WP_20150629_001   WP_20150723_001

My bit of gold and glam…  



Here are some other controversial but, in my view, fabulous interiors. From taxidermy to gold and glitzy:



Below is the politically correct version – resin antlers…


Moving on from taxidermy to glam and gold:



Again, note to oneself: “try not to bother about what others think!!”


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