Glitz, glam and Hollywood Regency

Beauty is only skin-deep. No news here. There are people suffering in many parts of the world yet I feel the need to write about interior design. Terribly irrelevant. Terribly vain. Just let it be said, I am aware. I know I am not saving lives but then only a few really are…. Life is cruel to some and yet we go on with our daily affairs. And so will I. Albeit reluctantly today.

Beauty is only skin-deep as said, yet sometimes I do want to feel beautiful and I want it without any effort. I don’t want to have to slap on the make-up or wear those killer heels that I know are going to give me a back ache for the rest of the week. I want to feel pretty – and I have no deluded ideas about what’s achievable – of course I don’t mean model like, I mean making the most of the assets God and/or genetics gave me. My mum taught me this little trick and it used to work for me. She used to tell me: If you don’t feel pretty and you are a bit low put on, or better even, go buy great underwear….preferably a bit extravagant and lacy. Sorry mum… anyone who knows my mum will not recognize her in this advice (Scottish, prudish upbringing etc). I think she will probably be a bit embarrassed yet I believe it was one of her better parenting tips!  I felt great yet nobody could see my underwear but because I felt good others thought I looked good too.  So although it’s about feeling pretty, it’s not about those heels or makeup and dress. You get it? It isn’t always about what you see, sometimes it’s about what you don’t.

In interior design things are no different. Of course it’s all about the exterior about the glamour, the textures, the sophistication of the combinations (read: superficiality of it all!) yet it is possible to feel extremely happy with an interior without it being obvious to others (or even designers) what makes a particular composition so special to you – be it the work it took to get it right, the value to you, the personal attachment, that specific memory etc. etc.

When I think of beautiful and pretty interiors, my latest personal favourite that has kept me intrigued for quite a while now is the Hollywood Regency style. I thought it might pass but it’s still very much there.

The Hollywood Regency style started in the 1930’s when the golden age of film was booming, and designers like William Haines and Dorothy Draper were encouraging to decorate with lots of glitz and bags of glamour. Today current designers like Kelly Wearstler and Jonathan Adler are very much inspired by the Hollywood Regency style.

The Hollywood Regency style can be characterized by ‘luxury’, ‘opulence ‘ and ‘a bit over-the-top’ which translates into the following elements:

  • Colour – gold, pale pink, black and white and red
  • Fabrics & textures – luxury fabrics and textures such as velvet, metals, brass, glass and crystal
  • Fantasy – always the addition of some fun fantasy elements such as animal prints, or palm leaf and bamboo decorations
  • Lacquer – everything needed to be glitzy and glam so furniture was bright, glossy and lacquered
  • Details – accessories are very important

Here are some photo examples of the Hollywood Regency style.

Pale pink, animals, mirrors and gold – over the top – love it!

Great lacquering and glossy bamboo chairs – I have had my eye on similar ones for a while!


photography: Jonathan Adler

I trust below pics exude the Hollywood Regency style enough for you to get the picture, so without further ado check them out!

Black Hollywood Regency Photos (63 of 86) - Lonny




A personal favourite of mine; the floral/palm tree lamp.

And the mirrored cabinet – nice and glam!

IMG_0045   WP_20150522_006

Everyone has a different coping mechanism for dealing with everyday stuff or even the more fundamental life events, mine happens to be a bit of Hollywood Regency, for the moment at least….


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