Combining functionality and style

The title is a bit controversial, for me anyway…. I don’t like functionality as much as I like style but – like everything in life – there are always exceptions.

I used to think home offices – for most of us at least – were boring spare bedrooms which were also serving the ‘study purpose’ because of the addition of a desk and some folders. As a result these rooms, more often than not, ended up being dull and uninteresting places. This needn’t be the case. If you have a whole room to devote to an office you can make it super cozy, with bookshelves, interesting wallpaper, brass lamps, a couch, cushions, rugs etc. – library or gentleman’s club like and super slick. But even if you don’t have a whole room to dedicate to an office space, a corner in your living room, dining room or hallway can equally work to create that functional (I am no fan of this word!) space. It can look great and integrated and although there may be no direct need for you to have an office space I am now of the opinion everyone needs one as it will make that dark corner come alive and add an interesting layer to the room where you will love to sit – I promise!
My husband was in need of an office space and we had decided – like so many of us – to give up part of the guest bedroom and create some shelving and get the right desk, cabinets etc. The search for the exact size desk – larger than I had hoped for! – took a bit of time so we just let that whole project fade away….for the moment. Meanwhile I realized I would like to have somewhere downstairs to just pull up a chair, open up a laptop to do some work without needing a lot of space or shelving. I decided to source a little desk that would fit in that useless corner in our dining room between the fireplace and a built-in cupboard. For once I found the desk quickly – an old industrial Tubax school table. Furthermore I bought a vintage Jielde lamp and dressed the desk with some accessories. Whilst the desk or space isn’t very big (like my husband wanted in the guest bedroom) and it doesn’t have appropriate shelving or storage space – it works a treat and I have to fight my husband to get to sit there myself!
In addition to it being a comfortable place to quickly check some e mails it’s a real cozy, stylish and almost welcoming space and adds a bit of an extra dimension to the room. I would highly recommend everyone devote a little part of the room to work space to put a desk and then dress it nicely with a good vintage lamp and interesting accessories.


In order for a work space to not look so ‘functional’ and almost act as a style feature in your room you need to integrate the space with the rest of your decor.

Integrate your home office by baring in mind the following:

  1. Desk
    Don’t necessarily go for a true desk, or at least conventional desk, but use a table that serves the desk purpose and also looks good!
    For instance go for a stylish design table or something different like a round table.
  2. Chair
    Same really goes for the chair, make sure it is comfortable to sit in but don’t go for traditional desk style chairs – if you can avoid it.
  3. Accessories and colour
    Accessorize like you would do if you were decorating a non functional table – make sure to leave work space though!
    Make the desk blend in by using same colour schemes.

Here are some great home office space ideas.
Small desk, in comparison to the scale of room and furniture. Great lamp, non conventional desk chair and great accessories; check out yellow skull!


In both pictures, the desks have non conventional shapes. First photograph: the position of the desk in room is very original. Photograph two; the colour scheme makes everything blend in beautifully.

Photography: Vogue
A round table makes for a welcoming and original work space.

A great example of how colour can help blend in the office space.


Both pictures: colour and accessories help bring the office space together.

Round and stylish!

Photography: Elle Decor
Antique desk combined with art work and different eclectic pieces make for an interesting & stylish work space!

A more traditional office space but because of the art work, lamp, use of colours, rug and Eames chair it makes for an eclectic room where I wouldn’t mind spending some time.

Excited yet about making that dull corner come alive?


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