Making eclectic work

Tuesday again. Had planned to write something over the weekend or actually on Friday but the weekend started early and took over too quickly and here it is Tuesday….
I had also planned the post to be about home offices and how to make them work and shine but I will have to come back to you on that one. Clearly nothing turned out the way I had planned it… That’s actually what – I imagine – life is meant to be about; learning to adapt and letting go without losing sight of your long term goal. Life can throw you curve balls and make you wobble, it can give you highs and lows. And without the lows you don’t get to appreciate the highs. We have all heard it before. I am not trying to be clever or even pretend that I know or have been through it all but unless you are one of those cut-throat types that will pursue their dream by not let anything or anyone get in their way, you will know what I mean and understand the meaning of flexibility, change, adaptability. Sometimes things that weren’t planned end up being the most enjoyable & special moments, events, projects, or even human beings!!
Things that shouldn’t work sometimes do and vice versa. This is also true in design. It is – like in fashion – perfectly acceptable to combine vintage with flea market junk and contemporary or classic design as well as high street purchases. Why do we like to mix and match? At least I do. I think it’s exciting, makes a room more interesting and it has the best of both (read: all) worlds. But be ware… have to create eclectic interiors carefully. If not it can end up a real mess.
For me eclectic means: to mix different periods and styles…..
So to combine a vintage Herman Miller La Fonda chair (60’s) with an antique console, with a 50’s mirror and Hollywood Regency accessories for instance.
The formal definition of ‘ eclectic’ is:
Deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.
Synonyms: wide-ranging, broad-based, extensive, comprehensive, encyclopedic, varied, diverse, catholic, all-embracing, multifaceted, multifarious, heterogeneous, miscellaneous, assorted
So the definition provides a lot of scope for people to call anything they feel eclectic! If you have a look at pictures of eclectic interiors on the internet you find a lot of different things and some are great and some are not so….
I believe a good eclectic interior can be achieved if you bare below points in mind:
  1. Colour
    Although I am fan, you should restrain the colour palette. If you have one hue – or at least one family hue – you are able to pull off the different styles and periods much easier
  2. Scale and statement
    Again I love having some statement pieces in a room, that make people do a double-take. Or else large pieces, over-sized items of normal objects. If you want to pull off eclectic then don’t have too many statement items, it gets confusing and messy
  3.  Pattern, texture and fabric
    Pattern, texture and fabrics are great ways to finish off a look. Be mindful not to go overboard on the patterns. Generally well chosen rugs and cushions pull a theme together and enhance the eclectic look.

Here are some eclectic themes.

This picture has the combination of mirror, chairs and chaise longue – all from different periods. But if I am honest I was drawn by the beautiful hue on the walls and the pop of colour from the Jujuhat!

Photography TM Magazine
In below picture the colour palette – cushions, blue chair and lamp shade – are all in the same family hue so just about safe….the accessories and interesting statement pieces are bold and vibrant but limited so no mess. Have a look at the gun lamp and pink scull – fab.
Photography Vogue
In below picture the look – very sophisticated and classy- is achieved by the soft colour palette, beautiful statement pieces, combined with great artwork. The mirror and cabinet and coffee table nicely married together although they are from different periods.
The combination of all the different accessories, turtle, antlers, art work, rugs, leather couch etc with an industrial restrained colour palette pull off the eclectic look nicely.
Bricks Amsterdam – Garage Loft
 Below picture, blues and greens with touches of gold. A vintage Herman Miller La Fonda chair ( 60’s) is combined with art deco side tables and contemporary artwork.
IMG_0081.JPG wordt weergegeven
 Below picture has combined the great orange 50’s chairs with a restrained white colour palette, great lamps and different period tables.
Photography Elle Decor
Give it a go!

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