Come on over to the dark side

Come on over to the dark side

I think I must be going through “early” (I hope it’s early) midlife crisis. I am blessed with all the good things in life, kids, husband, health etc. but can’t stop thinking about those moments when it was too easy to just leave the house – alone – and walk into a Champagne bar, or Wine bar or any bar for that matter. Recently I have images in my head of myself sipping cocktails in some lush bar for no other reason than just the moment, enjoying myself, looking glam – and like I haven’t had 3 kids – and then just going home again to my great family. (Let it be clear I am very happy and I would be going to the bar to feel good about myself, nothing else, and just not to feel so “mumsy” all the time). I am sure to some I might sound ungrateful……I don’t think I am. I like to think I am not the only mum who feels this way. Those who deny this must have lost themselves somewhere along the way…How can you not get sick of running to school with peanut butter stains on track suit bottoms and make up smudges from trying to make sandwiches and slap on a bit of mascara – all at the same time? So just so we are all clear – I am not a yummy mummy. I don’t even know if I aspire to be one. I just want to be me!!

It is not that I never get to go to bars (of any variety) anymore but everything is planned, scheduled and penciled in some sort of agenda. The planned aspect coupled with the fact that I don’t go to London for work any more and have moved out of Amsterdam to the ‘burbs’ make these little ‘I am definitely part of this exciting world’ moments very rare… The other day I saw a Micheal McIntyre (British stand-up comedian, thanks Nicole!) clip from one of his shows about parenting and the drama of just trying to leave the house with kids and the lack of spontaneity to do anything; that is the impossibility of just leaving the house alone (without kids) without advanced planning…….it made me smile and also remember my bygone bar times!

With the weather getting colder and the days getting shorter I want to go to those dark and cozy bars, library types with candles and fire places and lush textures….. the overriding theme – I notice – is I always need those rooms to be dark…. I have already tried to convince you to come over to the dark side before – http://www.magpiehomes.wordpress/colourcoding – but know I haven’t succeeded yet. If you haven’t been convinced by my own pics – here are some other pics…..Hopefully they will convince you….

First let’s have a drink here ……

Or perhaps here?

Now for some dark feelings at home:



Photography                         my bedroom – I couldn’t resist!






My shop:


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