Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day…

In itself it is bad enough to realize that things will, again, have to work in accordance with timetables, alarm clocks and lunch box rituals but today even more so as I’ve had to pack 3 bags instead of 2. My youngest has now gone to school for the first time today and I feel abandoned.. I realize that I am prone to some level of exaggeration but nevertheless it feels odd. Despite it being a first day in school for everyone, and you want to get that one day right, I messed up ever so slightly…However I am also pretty confident that whilst I am far from perfect and don’t dress my kids according to the weather forecast and mix up lunch boxes – like today – I am still considered a responsible mum. That is if you don’t  judge me the same way a mother recently got judged in the media. The mother had left her child to play with a little puppy in the back garden. Another child had entered the back garden taken the little puppy and drowned it. The child who had come and taken the little puppy had some sort of behavior disorder (if I am not mistaken) so he was not really to blame. The story is of course – in itself – very sad. However the story took a bit of a turn because of the backlash against the mother of the child who had left her child to play with her puppy in her back garden. It was felt that she should not have left her child unsupervised in the garden with the garden gate closed yet not locked. If judged that way, I too am in trouble. Is there any mother who doesn’t quickly walk in the house – leaving kids to play in the garden – to put on a quick washing or make a very brief phone call? Anyway fortunately there were more like-minded people to join the degenerate camp!

Following today’s great event, I have now got more time to focus on design and whilst I want to ease into the week nicely and not do too much today I am looking at my living room thinking about what my husband noticed the other day. He commented that I had recently added a bit of a gold theme to our room. Result. I had done this but wasn’t sure of it’s effect but it has obviously worked and it also got the OK. What I had done was try to – in a subtle way – add some gold/brass touches to my duck egg, teal and green room. I had done this by adding some gold coloured vintage palm floral lamps and accessories, such as a gold coloured bird cage, some mirrors and my favourite skull which moves around quite a bit –  I now realize that I am officially hooked on the gold theme ….

IMG_0045          IMG_0074

I want to leave you with some great pics from Simon Bevan – – who has demonstrated how exciting the gold theme is.

I think all pictures confirm my beliefs on ‘going dark’……everything looks better against a dark hue…it just works. Oh and by the way that bathroom is going to be mine…..even if having a shower doesn’t seem practical


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