My perfect trio

For those of you who actually noticed…..something went wrong earlier this week with this post….it got published without me really wanting to publish it…and no I hadn’t been self medicating!

I am going to retry today…

Sometimes things just turn out differently than you had thought they would. Sometimes for better sometimes  for worse.The grass always seems greener on the other side…. but is it really? You shouldn’t be afraid to change your mind and never ever stop dreaming…..

In the superficial world of design same rules apply. Whilst certain things may never happen, you can always dream…..

If I wouldn’t enjoy designing and styling as much as I do myself but nevertheless was asked to just pick one interior designer to style my room or house, I couldn’t give an answer.
I have been hugely influenced by earlier designers such as David Hicks and Verner Panton. And if I look at contemporary designers I am a big fan of Kelly Wearstler, Jonathan Adler and Jean Louis Deniot. All 3 are amazing, and a combination of this trio would be the ultimate for me. All 3 have different design elements I admire.

Kelly Wearstler’s designs are described as ‘raw and refined’ and I feel they are glamourous, extravagant, with a great sense of humor too.

Jonathan Adler is king of colour and has a great feeling for scale  – ‘happy chic and playful decorating’

Jean Louis Deniot designs can be characterized by ‘low key luxury’ but always with that vintage twist.

Kelly Wearstler: Glam, with great attention to detail and love the bar in the second photo with bar, bar stools and cabinet matching. Would love to pull up a pew there and ‘hang with a few cocktails…..,


Photography by Architectural Digest and Pinterest

Jonathan Adler: Great feeling of drama and colour – loves combining vintage and is always in for a bit of Hollywood Regency glam. Photo number two shows his feeling for colour and scale (have a look at that tiny ship chandelier!)


Photography by Pinterest and Elle Decor

Jean Louis Deniot: I actually feel I should do a whole post on him – as he is probably not as well known as the two others – and he has this understated very French feeling for luxury, art and textures. He is a big fan of sourcing some of his unusual vintage furniture and accessories on 1stDibs but then who wouldn’t be…
That kitchen is the best kitchen I have ever seen – not for now with 3 young kids, perhaps one day…


Photography by Elle Decor, Agricultural Digest and Pinterest

Never ever give up dreaming……


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