Glamming it up

Some nations draw the curtains at night some don’t. The Dutch tend to enjoy their evenings sitting in full view without anything shielding them from the outside world looking in (or from ‘Peeping Toms’ like myself). Walking down canals in Amsterdam glaring up at beautiful canal houses trying to catch a glimpse of some opulently decorated house used to be one of my favourite pastimes.  If you’re like me you love snooping around other people’s pads. Even, or perhaps especially,  if the pads are way out of our league. We can hope and dream and definitely get some inspiration. Sometimes it would be shocking to see how a beautiful facade of a house would have a hideous interior; pricy but tasteless. I would get as much pleasure from seeing the disasters as the dream homes. It is as important to know what you don’t like as it is to know what you do like. And it confirmed my belief that money can’t buy you style…..

The other day I overheard one of my daughters asking the other what her favourite colour was. To my shock the answer wasn’t the usual ‘pink or lilac’ or any variation of these colours but the unexpected: ” gold”. I was a bit happy hoping that we had passed the ” everything is OK as long as it’s pink” phase and my baby was growing up yet at the same time I was a bit sad as I have definitely made an impression on her – and maybe a bit too much! I am not averse to a bit of gold and glam and perhaps have been so overbearing in my beliefs that a 4 year old no longer loves pink but gold. I think, though, Kelly Wearstler would be proud of me – I hope. She is one of my all-time favourite interior designers.

Money can’t buy you style but it can buy you Kelly Wearstler and we are in love. This is what Cameron Diaz must have thought when she got Kelly Wearstler to design her New York Village pad. We get to have a look at her interior without the fear of being caught and embarrassed. It is OK – please stare unashamedly…..

All photography by Elle Decor

Some final thoughts.

Although perhaps not practical for all of our homes, enough inspiration can be taken from this beautifully styled glam interior…

The Living Room

The wall covering appears to be from De Gournay and whilst pink generally isn’t for me this is fabulous. The obviously quirky Kelly Wearstler accessories are funky and demonstrate a sense of humor – check out the red heals.

The Dining Room

My favourite room here.
I love the mirrored wall and sconces – lovely and Hollywood glam. This is something that can be created and I am definitely going to give that a go (still need to convince the home front)!


Have a look at the attention to detail – gold coloured ceiling in the bedroom. Wow. This confirms my earlier view: always paint your ceiling!


My favourite colours green and gold! Take a look at the brass/gold coloured splash back – who needs a kitchen to be practical when it looks like this?


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