Happy days….

So one of the goldfish didn’t make it. I feel terrible. We were asked to look after the two little fellas for two weeks and we didn’t manage to keep them alive. We did exactly as we were told and I know – from experience – that you can overfeed goldfish so I was very careful to give them the exact amount of food but it was not to be…..

I think I am more upset than anyone – in fact the kids are not aware! Imagine. The girls have been convinced that one of them is hiding under a rock (for the past few days, that is!) – they actually believe this story. My son hasn’t as much as looked at the fish and really has no idea whether there are one, two or none! And he was supposed to look after the fish for his little friend. I now need to figure out how to break the news to the young boy who I sense already finds me a bit intimidating. I think the cowardly way is probably best – I will buy a new fish and leave it up to the mother to decide whether the boy can cope with the idea of the fish breathing its last breath under our supervision or whether she can get away with not telling him at all – let’s hope I can find an exact copy. All not good.

I desperately need to change the mood of today. I will have to think of the things that put a smile on my face! I will spare you the obvious; my kids tucked up in bed and smiling in their sleep, a perfect night out with my husband, that special glass of red wine, crusty bread with salted butter (not allowed on my diet) etc.

For now, these things cheer me up:

1) That fabulous bunch of flowers recently given to me by my husband

2) Perfectly created still lifes…..

WP_20150705_001        WP_20150423_001              

3) That amazing wallpaper by Calico Wallpaper, New York – http://www.calicowallpaper.com. I am a fan! And am definitely going to use this wallpaper to upgrade one of my rooms.


4) Some new items in my Etsy shop –   my very cute heron birds, a fab Hollywood style – Maison Jansen palm tree lamp and that over-the-top but glam bird cage on: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Magpiehomes

Here is that Maison Jansen style Palm lamp.


Enough already?


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