Making storage work!

Yesterday my husband did the decent thing. He went to the dreaded IKEA store and bought my daughter a bed. I already mentioned in an earlier post – Make it your own – that I am not a fan (and neither is he!) but the shop has its purpose. Consoles, for instance, to be painted in the same beautiful dark hue as the wall so that beautiful layers and still lifes can be created, are good. So are kids beds.

My husband only rang once from the shop to ask “where to find the damn bed”. The question made perfect sense to him, even though I hardly ever (read: never) go to the shop. My suggestion to ask a member of staff to help out was of course “ridiculous”…We actually always agree on how to decorate and style our home but always tend to have arguments when we visit this particular store.

Another side effect the shop has on us is the realization we need to have more shelving and cupboards.  I hate spending money on practical stuff – stuff that has a real function (other than chairs to sit on, sofas to lie on, tables to hold wine glasses on – need I go on?). Cupboards and shelving aren’t very sexy. I am of course not talking about beautiful art deco sideboards to hold drinks and cutlery in the dining room. I also don’t mean the little chest of drawers that is purely bought for decorative purposes. I mean cupboards, wardrobes and shelving you need – such as in the kitchen, utility room or bedroom. We probably don’t have enough shelving or at least storage space. During this last visit some shelving miraculously made it’s way into our house. However, I have decided to give my husband a total free pass on the utility room – how convenient! The one room nobody gives a toss about and that shouldn’t be seen by guests anyway will now be covered wall to wall with shelving!

For me shelving or storage only works in a couple of ways:

1) Shelving on the whole width of the wall in the same hue as the wall or worktop (in for instance the kitchen). I am not a fan of kitchen units up on the wall. I do like shelving with pottery and trinkets on display.

IMG_0120         WP_20150730_003

2) Unconventional shelving – for instance my pharmacy cabinet with my art deco glass ware on display. The cabinet still smells of medicine and has a lovely industrial and unfinished feel.


3) ‘Sexied up” wardrobes – I have had this on my ‘to do’ list for some time now. Wallpaper the outside of your wardrobe with your favourite wall paper. (e.g  De Gournay and Cole & Son). This works particularly well if you have paneled doors so you can frame the wallpaper. Don’t get put off by helpful friends and family who claim ” it will never work.”

A lot more is possible than you realize.


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  1. aliciasunday · July 30, 2015

    Some great ideas, I’m always looking for ideas to create nice shelving and storage.


    • mandaschuijers · July 30, 2015

      Thank you! I find storage tricky and am always looking for ways to make ‘practical’ look ‘sexy’. Glad you found it useful!


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