A bit of summer

There’s nothing like a holiday to put things into perspective. Realize what’s important in life and focus on the things or people you love…..

A good deal of sunshine, a nice bottle of Nero d’Avola, and a beautiful sea view is all I need… And of course my family surrounding me – kids quietly playing……of course that would be a first!!

Italy is known for great design houses and labels – I didn’t quite get to see them on my travels this time. I suppose I should have gone to Milan and not rural Sicily! Apart from intense smells, great light, fabulous food, and colourful markets I noticed, form an interior design perspective, that Baroque antique style is still very much alive – think over the top gold plated and curly side tables, candlesticks and consoles. Porcelain accessories are also a hit such as white or colourful porcelain fruit bowls with porcelain fruit and birds and the colour yellow – the colour of lemons, dusty beaches, Granite ice/drinks, the walls of boutique hotels, embroidered table clothes, and Limoncello. Yellow in all its varieties – in tablecloths, curtains and walls.

I never really liked the colour yellow. Even when I started to really get into design it still didn’t quite do it for me. I have to be honest and say that today my yellows still tend to be more of the ochre variety and in some cases just plain gold, but it has definitely grown on me.


If you want to add a bit of summer or zing to your room but want to keep it simple try adding a bit of yellow or perhaps gold? There are beautiful fabrics around from High Street chains to designer labels – from Zara Home and Anthropologie to Osborne&Little, Pierre Frey, Zoffany, Dedar etc). It works really well if you add a yellow cushion or plaid to a dull and dark corner. Don’t go overboard (keep it dark and restrained and add a pop of yellow) and if you want to play it really safe try it in the garden first – nothing can go wrong here! I also have a real lemon yellow chevron cushion which I put onto an art deco chair in the dark hallway and in summer throw outside onto a wicker chair.

In the 60’s and 70’s ochre yellow was popular. I believe every great interior has a bit of vintage and as a result there will probably be a bit of yellow in every inspiring interior. Check out some of my favourite vintage 70’s dining chairs.

Don’t combine yellow with reds and oranges (of course my opinion) but go for yellow, or gold with blues and teals, petrol or emerald greens! Colours which probably shouldn’t work together actually do……



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