Whatever makes you happy

“What makes you happy?”

I used to ask my husband this question but I stopped. I don’t quite know why I persisted in asking the question, as although my husband understands my quirky ways and now “plays the game”, it took a while for him to realize the question really was about what made me happy!

I remember that we were away one weekend in a beautiful little hotel in rural Belgium with Fleur de Lys wallpaper and bedding that was white and crisp and antique furniture that – although not all exactly to my taste – suited the environment. The room was perfect and the hotel was great. We had lunch overlooking a river with champagne and amazing food. I was pretty content! The sun was shining for the duration of the stay and we strolled through little country lanes, went shopping in a nearby town and had wine in the local Wine bar. All pretty idyllic. One of the mornings we had just woken up in the lovely hotel room I asked my husband: “What makes you happy?” I had expected something to the effect of “You” or ” the kids” or “Being here (with you!)” but nope. A bleary-eyed reaction is what i got. I should have known better most men I have surrounded myself with gave similar reactions.

My dear husband now conjures up the desired responses and all is well. But my point is that in fact, I myself, have now found that I don’t always give the expected answers – to my shock horror. Does this really matter; no of course not and it really didn’t matter when my husband got it wrong either.  You just know when all is well and when not. So when recently asked what made me happy I found myself answering: Interior design and more specifically Clever compositions,

WP_20150217_004      WP_20150217_011

Beautiful Fabrics, Layers and layers of different textures, 50′ and 60′ design, Eye-catching accessories mixed with classic designs, Unexpected colour combinations, A bit of glam with a bit of wacky – interiors which are different, individualistic and make you do a double take.

WP_20150215_010          WP_20150429_003


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