A bit of glam

I like a room to have a bit of glamour….
Glamour can be achieved in many different ways…..to me it stands for shiny and sparkly and a bit of 50’s Hollywood style. However, I wouldn’t want my whole room decorated in a 50’s or early 60’s ‘Mad Men’ way – as cleverly done as it may be in the American series (Great stylists!) I believe a way to bring a bit of that Hollywood glam into a room is through mirrored furniture. These days some online shops sell mirrored furniture however please be careful a lot of tack and replicas are being sold as the real deal! If you can source some authentic mirrored furniture then you will have an eye catching feature that will result in questions such as “where did you find that” and ” only you….” My favourite comments!

In the photograph above it shows my 50’s Parisian hotel console. I love it, it ooozes glam and makes candles and lamps sparkle in the mirror. I bought it online on Ebay from a reputable dealer and it took some time getting it transported. It was then dropped outside my house on the pavement with a delivery guy claiming ” Not my problem how you get it in” but after the hard work was done even my husband now appreciates it (not so much at the time….)


Another mirrored example is my “mirrored cube”. Not an authentic 50’s but more of a wink to 70’s and 80’s glam pop. I love it; it’s simple, looks different and looks great with a vase on top – preferably filled with a colourful bunch of spring flowers….


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