Quick Mood Enhancers


I have a long list of accessories, – some expensive , some inexpensive – that instantly change the look and feel of your room.

Think: candles, flowers, scents – all relatively inexpensive and then the more costly purchases such as vases, quirky accessories, the required bold and gold (!) accessory, flea market finds with a story, art work..etc

Real game changers and the ultimate ‘mix and match’ accessories are Cushions. You can dress your sofa for winter ,summer, spring by adding or changing your cushions. In summer you might want to display some lighter textures, in winter you might want to go for (faux) fur. On a particular good or bad day you just might want to give your room a make -over and by adding some different cushions you achieve just that.

I think odd numbers are good and I think mixing the textures is a particularly good thing. I would recommend you keep all cushions on one sofa in the same hue or at least colour tone but add some pops of colour to give some excitement. Cushions are immensely diverse think of beautiful silk, soft cotton, rustic linen, soft fur and then of course the different brands they come in. I love Osborne and Little, and Pierre Frey but also Dedar, Missoni, Madeline Weinrib, Jonathan Adler. However I believe that with good interior style just like with good fashion style you should not need to only buy the most expensive items to create that special individualistic style. It is much more exciting to combine designer couture with a high street item. Same goes for interior design; try combining Pierre Frey with let’s say Zara Home – does it work? It can do!

The photo above shows an expensive Osborne & Little cushion with cushions from Art de Lys, Zara Home, and a designer Mariska Meijers cushion.

And another thing – cushions are there to look great, and are not there for practical purposes…You might get some resistance when trying to dress your sofa with more than 2 cushions. Please ignore the remarks, beautiful Louboutin shoes are also not meant to be comfortable but to look great!


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