A warm welcome

One of the most welcoming things in a room or even better as you enter the house – i.e. in the hallway – is a bar. I think it is Nina Campbell who had made a beautiful bar in her hallway…. against a beautiful teal hue and it looks glamorous and lush and super cozy. There is something comforting about glam cocktail shakers, beautiful glass ware, carafes, ice coolers and brass trolleys. Glamorous and welcoming.I would love to create a bar in my hallway although that might be too tempting for me to look at every time I leave or come back to my house. The bottles might empty quicker than I would like them to. For now we have our bar on the sideboard in the dining room…not such an exciting and rather an obvious place but I am waiting to get that super cool brass trolley i have my eye on and then I might have a bar in different places of the house. Maybe not the hallway yet but definitely in the living room and dining room and upstairs landing perhaps? I would recommend everyone to have one…doesn’t need to have it all but it definitely adds that welcoming factor every home needs….for now a photo of my own bar but check out the bar trolley…..nice!




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