More is more

Trying to be positive here….if you like slick, minimalism, lots of white on white then please flick or click on. Although I appreciate the thought and design philosophy behind these distinct features they are not for me. For me white and minimalism represent bland, nothing, boring. That isn’t to say that certain white items can be nice and work really well. i have a wooden floor painted in the shiniest of whites using Belgian car paint and it looks really cool however I do have it skimmed with loads of different rugs, textures and poofs thus hiding the actual white!!. I love color and textures & patterns. I love places to be a bit dark but with pockets of color. Think libraries, gentleman’s clubs but with quirky & glamorous accessories. I  believe more is more.



  1. Roos · April 26, 2015

    Have you read ‘Minimalist v Maximalist’ in FT this wknd? Guess you’re more of a maximalist 😉 although I’m not sure what your views are on clutter- maybe in a next post? Anyway thanks 4 sharing your ideas! Will definitely keep them in mind whilst renovating our wknd home.


  2. mandaschuijers · April 28, 2015

    Thanks for your comment! I must urgently read the article you mention. It is important to be mindful and not move into clutter territory… there is always that risk….I like to think that my philosophy is more about layers of patterns and textures & styles without an abundance of trinkets everywhere but I will be mindful! Thanks!!


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