A warm welcome

One of the most welcoming things in a room or even better as you enter the house – i.e. in the hallway – is a bar. I think it is Nina Campbell who had made a beautiful bar in her hallway…. against a beautiful teal hue and it looks glamorous and lush and super cozy. There is something comforting about glam cocktail shakers, beautiful glass ware, carafes, ice coolers and brass trolleys. Glamorous and welcoming.I would love to create a bar in my hallway although that might be too tempting for me to look at every time I leave or come back to my house. The bottles might empty quicker than I would like them to. For now we have our bar on the sideboard in the dining room…not such an exciting and rather an obvious place but I am waiting to get that super cool brass trolley i have my eye on and then I might have a bar in different places of the house. Maybe not the hallway yet but definitely in the living room and dining room and upstairs landing perhaps? I would recommend everyone to have one…doesn’t need to have it all but it definitely adds that welcoming factor every home needs….for now a photo of my own bar but check out the bar trolley…..nice!



More is more

Trying to be positive here….if you like slick, minimalism, lots of white on white then please flick or click on. Although I appreciate the thought and design philosophy behind these distinct features they are not for me. For me white and minimalism represent bland, nothing, boring. That isn’t to say that certain white items can be nice and work really well. i have a wooden floor painted in the shiniest of whites using Belgian car paint and it looks really cool however I do have it skimmed with loads of different rugs, textures and poofs thus hiding the actual white!!. I love color and textures & patterns. I love places to be a bit dark but with pockets of color. Think libraries, gentleman’s clubs but with quirky & glamorous accessories. I  believe more is more.

My magpie style

Eclectic, glamorous, luxury, some design classics, cosy, comfy, colourful….

So many others have mentioned this before me and many more will…. but design and style have nothing to do with money. Of course a little money helps but design is all about understanding what works well or better what doesn’t work. About combining a luxury item with cheaper high street or flea market finds. About being individualistic, perhaps a bit wacky but never boring or having those showroom copies. Say money was no object how easy is it to go to an expensive shop or even an exclusive interior designer and have your house remodelled just like that shop window or that slightly boring but luxury magazine picture….very easy but does that guarantee style or design that will be remembered by friends family or anyone you find important enough to have an opinion? Nope.

A true stylish home does have some design icons and a few over ‘ the top indulgent’ pieces that might cost a bit but to achieve that true stylish and sexy room requires a lot more ….that – to most – money can’t buy There are quite some boring and – by some viewed – as stylish interior designers that I would never spend my money on – I won’t mention them now!! There are also some others I would definitely spend all my hard earned money on such as Kelly Wearstler, Jonathan Adler and Jean-Louis Deniot. Depending on how this blog goes i would like to share my views on design/style, must haves, do’s and don’ts. In my world these are some important themes:

  • Colour, – what does she mean? Bold, rainbow, pastel, moody?
  • Glamour – Hollywood style, 50’s, or just plain tacky?
  • Design classics – What? Eames, Rietveld, Harcourt,Thonet, Paulin, Ikea or what??
  • Different style eras: mid century, antiques, art deco, plastic fantastic 70’s?
  • Textures – Leather, sheepskin, silk, concrete? Patterns, wallpapers – A yes always or no never? Accessories – over the top ‘ jaw- dropping’ or refined mood creators?
  • Lamps – large, small, standing, wall sconces. Bright and functional, little pools of warmth?

The list goes on and on…..